Storyboard Studies

I’ve been a busy scribbler lately, it’s time to share some of this! Here’s a sampling of a storyboard study suggested by the amazing Emma Coats. I highly recommend doing this exercise, it’s surprising how informative it is! The movie I picked was Fantastic Mr. Fox, mainly due to the fact it was a movie I had a digital copy of on-hand. She recommends Spielberg, and once I’m done this this, I plan to move onto E.T.

Some things I learned so far –
-Wes Anderson loves symmetry, but offsets it carefully, either by using objects in 3′s, or organic objects.
-He uses jump-cuts, carefully and effectively.
-Loves 3′s a ton of BG elements are in 3′s.

For these first bunch, I traced a cardboard square, which got really old quick, so I made this template which I plan on using from now on. Looking back, I could be even looser in these sketches.









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  1. DadaHyena says:

    Great to see your storyboard work, Lauren! Keep it coming!

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