Katamari of Oz

Katamari of Oz

Here’s my piece for the 8-Bit Lit Art Show held at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood. We were to take any book and any game and run with it. I chose Katamari and Wizard of Oz. I chose them mainly due to the fact that I’m a Katamari Superfan and I felt Oz’s world meshes well with Katamari. I was careful to stay close to the book – I had to omit several things that I initially thought could be stuck to the ball, cause it was either created or altered in the movie, and I wanted to keep it simple.

It was super fun to be a part of this show. I met some really great people at the opening and saw some great art. I can’t wait to do more galleries! Thanks and high-fives to Michelle Wilens for setting up the show.
As an added bonus, NerdMelt posted this pic of Dan Harmon and Kumail Nanjiani playing DnD inches from my piece – Immense giddiness.

The gallery opening was sponsored by Super Inflated, and they provided some amazing balloon art that I was pretty obsessed over the whole night. The tunes were provided by DJ Oldboy who turned out some great mixes and super obscure geeky music goodness. I whole-heartily recommend using either for any of your geeky celebration needs. I intend to do so myself.

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  1. Alexis says:

    I saw this at 8-Bit and loved it! Is it still possible for me to buy a print?

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