Felty Things

About 3 years ago, I learned how to felt wool into little critters.

This little fella was my first attempt at felting. I think that felted critters are ultimate fodder for stop motion. I was going to say that felting was what got me into “fiber arts”, but I crocheted his sweater on him…so I must’ve known how to crochet by then…right?! The last couple of years are becoming a blur.

I then got into giving away felted creations as gifts.

I also felted tatertots for my occasional band, The Tatertots. I play music with two other ladies (women?, girls?) on my team at work. Each of the members has one at their desk. I’m the one with the handlebar mustache. For Halloween, I made pirate hats for them (sadly not pictured)

Even though he’s not felted, another buddy I have sitting on my computer at work is this lil’ squid. Along with the pirate hat-ed tatertot, it gives me a nice nautical theme to my desk.

About 2 years ago, I made a more of a scene and donated it to The Humane Society of Kansas City as a part of the Art Unleashed Auction. The cat’s name is Buckminster. His little rain-dome came off. I wonder where he is now. I’m working on another felted scene right now. I’ll post it when I’m done.

I hesitate to post this, as my blog is turning into into a self portrait blog, but I felted this scene for my Christmas image. Me and my cat became the Christmas Spirit Wondertwins.

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  1. Mark Cook says:

    I love your Tatertots.

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