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Sweep the Leg, Johnny!

sweep the leg, Johnny!

Recently, I started taking Karate classes. Similar to some other things I’ve learned before such as circuitry, felting, knitting, etc- karate looked like something I didn’t necessarily need to learn, but something that could definitely come in handy. Also like those skills, I sometimes wish that the process could fly by in montage form. It’s not the process as a whole that bums me out- I really like learning stuff. It’s especially awesome to find parallels between the new thing and other things. It seems to be the constant falling on my face that comes from the process of learning something new can make me wish I could skip the “figuring it out” phase. I just need to trust the process, and keep going, I guess. It also helps to have an awesome Sensei (shout out to Mark Cook!)

karate sketches

karate sketches

Another thing I’m trying out is linework with brush pens. I’m a huge fan of work done with brush pens/brushes, and I’m trying to figure it out.  It’s the expressive quality you can get with brushwork in it’s thick and thins that is super cool. Also, it’s really hard to hide hesitation in inking with brushwork, and as someone who noodles all the time, it’s cool that if you belabor a line, it gets terrible real quick.

It’s a Fresh Blog Baby!

After much waffling, over-thinking and procrastination, this blog is born! Stay tuned for various art-things and musings from yours truly, sketched above.