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A First Go

For national poetry month, I thought I’d post my first go at poetry.

Katamari of Oz

Katamari of Oz

Here’s my piece for the 8-Bit Lit Art Show held at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood. We were to take any book and any game and run with it. I chose Katamari and Wizard of Oz. I chose them mainly due to the fact that I’m a Katamari Superfan and I felt Oz’s world meshes well with Katamari. I was careful to stay close to the book – I had to omit several things that I initially thought could be stuck to the ball, cause it was either created or altered in the movie, and I wanted to keep it simple.

It was super fun to be a part of this show. I met some really great people at the opening and saw some great art. I can’t wait to do more galleries! Thanks and high-fives to Michelle Wilens for setting up the show.
As an added bonus, NerdMelt posted this pic of Dan Harmon and Kumail Nanjiani playing DnD inches from my piece – Immense giddiness.

The gallery opening was sponsored by Super Inflated, and they provided some amazing balloon art that I was pretty obsessed over the whole night. The tunes were provided by DJ Oldboy who turned out some great mixes and super obscure geeky music goodness. I whole-heartily recommend using either for any of your geeky celebration needs. I intend to do so myself.

Storyboard Studies

I’ve been a busy scribbler lately, it’s time to share some of this! Here’s a sampling of a storyboard study suggested by the amazing Emma Coats. I highly recommend doing this exercise, it’s surprising how informative it is! The movie I picked was Fantastic Mr. Fox, mainly due to the fact it was a movie I had a digital copy of on-hand. She recommends Spielberg, and once I’m done this this, I plan to move onto E.T.

Some things I learned so far –
-Wes Anderson loves symmetry, but offsets it carefully, either by using objects in 3′s, or organic objects.
-He uses jump-cuts, carefully and effectively.
-Loves 3′s a ton of BG elements are in 3′s.

For these first bunch, I traced a cardboard square, which got really old quick, so I made this template which I plan on using from now on. Looking back, I could be even looser in these sketches.









I’ve Come Back, Back, to Cali, Cali!

I’m an LA citizen now! My initials once again match the city! (The last time was Los Alamos. That counts, right?)

It’s been great being back in California again. I miss all of my buds in Kansas City, but it’s been great seeing all my old friends from school, and making new ones too!

I’ve been pretty busy trying to find a new job and get settled out here, but I did get a chance to animate a video for the always amazing and super fun Parry Gripp! Check it out!

Now in motion!

Oh, hello. It’s been a while. I’ve been out and about lately. Took two separate trips to the left corners of the country – Portland and Los Angeles, and had an excellent time visiting great friends and eating tasty foods. It’s always a great to get out and visit places, see new things. It recharges the batteries.

Oh, hey! I have a Vimeo channel now! I’m going to post some old and new animations on it, but I’ll also share them here.

While I’m on the subject, if you only want the artstuff, and none of my blabbing, it’s best to follow my Tumblr. If you want to listen to my random thoughts, follow my twitter. All the links are on the right! Technology!

Here are some animations for your eyes. Let me know what you think!

My blog is turning into a “Lauren-draws-herself-all-day” type of thing, I swear I don’t draw myself as often as it looks. This was done in Flash and After Effects. I was  going for a jellyfish type effect.

This is an animation test I did for my take on “This Little Piggy” I like the frog legs, but I need to fix the arm holding the bag- it’s not reading right. There’s a good amount of smear in the legs, but its hiding in the motion blur, and thank goodness for motion blur- without it this would be strobing like crazy!

This was an old test of mine that I freshened up recently. It was originally in Flash, but now in After Effects.

I hope to share more of my personal animations with the interwebs, so expect more to come! Also, I’m working on a personal short involving Space! I hope to share that soonish…perhaps laterish…we’ll see how far I get.

Gallery show!

I’m excited to be a part of a geeky gallery show at the Screenland Crossroads here in Kansas City on Friday. I have three pieces in the show and it’s for one night only. The gallery is part of A Night of Scott Pilgrim which includes a Sex Bob-omb cover band, a video game tournament, and a showing of the film itself.

The Doctor and his Companion Cube

The Doctor and his Companion Cube

This combines my two obsessions from last year- Doctor Who and Portal 2. The Doctor travels with a companion, and Portal 2 has a companion cube, so I had to go there.

Mario in a Tanooki Suit

Mario in a Tanooki Suit

Tanooki alone

Super Mario 3 was one of my favorite games growing up. I loooooooved the Tanooki suit, and fell in love with the idea of felting Mario in the suit. I wanted to make it more substantial, so I felted a little hill peeking above the clouds. I added the fire flowers to the hill, but I’m not convinced that they read as fire flowers- it makes the hill look more like a flowering cactus. I really enjoyed working on this one, and I have a couple of ideas for other pieces similar to them that I hope I have time to make soon.

Earthworm Jim

Earthworm Jim

This last one was inspired by another of my favorite video games as a child. Earthworm Jim. It had an impression on me growing up. I had never seen a game like it, and the art by Doug Tennaple was gorgeous! I remember drawing and re-drawing the loading screen, and  working on this piece made me realize that it influences how I draw astronauts.

It also had an amazing ending. (do I add a spoiler alert if the game is over 15 years old?) The very first thing you do in the game is drop a fridge on a catapult which would launch a cow. You don’t see her again…until you beat the game. You finally rescue Princess Whats-her-name, and she’s about to reject you even though you just saved her when the cow lands on her. I figure they would end up hanging out after that.

I’m excited for the show, if you are in the KC area- you should come out!


Felty Things

About 3 years ago, I learned how to felt wool into little critters.

This little fella was my first attempt at felting. I think that felted critters are ultimate fodder for stop motion. I was going to say that felting was what got me into “fiber arts”, but I crocheted his sweater on him…so I must’ve known how to crochet by then…right?! The last couple of years are becoming a blur.

I then got into giving away felted creations as gifts.

I also felted tatertots for my occasional band, The Tatertots. I play music with two other ladies (women?, girls?) on my team at work. Each of the members has one at their desk. I’m the one with the handlebar mustache. For Halloween, I made pirate hats for them (sadly not pictured)

Even though he’s not felted, another buddy I have sitting on my computer at work is this lil’ squid. Along with the pirate hat-ed tatertot, it gives me a nice nautical theme to my desk.

About 2 years ago, I made a more of a scene and donated it to The Humane Society of Kansas City as a part of the Art Unleashed Auction. The cat’s name is Buckminster. His little rain-dome came off. I wonder where he is now. I’m working on another felted scene right now. I’ll post it when I’m done.

I hesitate to post this, as my blog is turning into into a self portrait blog, but I felted this scene for my Christmas image. Me and my cat became the Christmas Spirit Wondertwins.

The Red Pill

I’ve recently started to re-read Godel, Escher, Bach by Douglas Hofstadter. It’s an insanely great book about emergence. I first read it during high school, around ’98 or so. It’s getting a second read cause it deals with a lot of issues rolling about in my brain-parts lately- one of the ideas I’m mulling over for an animated short deals with emergence, and I figured its time to brush up on it.

My mangled gist of the book is that Hofstadter uses connections between the work of Mathman Godel, Artist Escher, and Musician Bach and plenty of others to show how a set of rules can create a whole complex system/reality/self. The Matrix is pretty much an adaptation of this book. BTW, here’s an awesome comic about Hofstadter. 

What I’m totally loving about this go around of the book are the new connections I’m making this time around. Half due to the fact that a good amount went over my head at the time, and half cause I see examples of what he’s talking about everywhere now. A good amount of the themes in this book touch on self-reference (meta) and paradoxes, and thanks to people like JJ Abrams and Dan Harmon, I’m pretty solid on both these days.

I wish I had an audiobook version of this narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson, but that would take precious time away from him being generally awesome.

Speaking of meta, I’m really excited for Community returning March 15th- only 2 more days!

(full disclosure, I edited the crap outta this post cause I quickly realized that I can go on for hours about this. If you are into that sorta thing, leave a comment, and we can talk more!)

Sweep the Leg, Johnny!

sweep the leg, Johnny!

Recently, I started taking Karate classes. Similar to some other things I’ve learned before such as circuitry, felting, knitting, etc- karate looked like something I didn’t necessarily need to learn, but something that could definitely come in handy. Also like those skills, I sometimes wish that the process could fly by in montage form. It’s not the process as a whole that bums me out- I really like learning stuff. It’s especially awesome to find parallels between the new thing and other things. It seems to be the constant falling on my face that comes from the process of learning something new can make me wish I could skip the “figuring it out” phase. I just need to trust the process, and keep going, I guess. It also helps to have an awesome Sensei (shout out to Mark Cook!)

karate sketches

karate sketches

Another thing I’m trying out is linework with brush pens. I’m a huge fan of work done with brush pens/brushes, and I’m trying to figure it out.  It’s the expressive quality you can get with brushwork in it’s thick and thins that is super cool. Also, it’s really hard to hide hesitation in inking with brushwork, and as someone who noodles all the time, it’s cool that if you belabor a line, it gets terrible real quick.

It’s a Fresh Blog Baby!

After much waffling, over-thinking and procrastination, this blog is born! Stay tuned for various art-things and musings from yours truly, sketched above.